General Admission Policy
The Jose C. Feliciano College Foundation is open to all qualified students who shall satisfactorily meet its enrollment requirements. Upon admission, the students shall bind and commit themselves to comply with the policies, rules and regulations prescribed and promulgated by the College.

Rules and Regulations

1. Only qualified applicants shall be admitted to any degree or non-degree program at JCFC. Those seeking enrollment in the Maritime Education Department shall be required to pass the ISIHARA and Hearing tests administered by the School.

2. Students may be refused initial admission or re-enrollment or, if already admitted, maybe expelled or dropped from the roll under the following circumstances:

2.1 knowingly made misstatement of facts in their application for enrollment;

2.2 submission of fraudulent materials and documents in seeking enrollment;

2.3 refusal to abide by the rules and regulations duly issued and promulgated by JCFC or proven to have shown gross disrespect to the Officers of the College, including its faculty members and employees;

2.4 willful violation of any duly promulgated or announced decision, ruling, circular, communication, or memorandum of the College on matters falling within its jurisdiction, competence, and autonomy as a government-recognized institution of higher learning;

Procedure and Requirements
1. Pre-School and Grade School Pupils

a. Interview

b. Photocopy of their birth certificate (NSO copy)

c. Form 138 or its equivalent duly accomplished and signed by the Principal of the school last attended (if applicable)

d. Certificate of good moral character signed by the Principal/Guidance Counselor or Adviser (if applicable)

e. 2x2 pictures ( 3 pcs)

2. For Basic Education Students:

2.1 Transferees

a. Certified true copy of F-137 (Transcript of Record) from the school last attended

b. Good Moral Certificate from the Principal/ Guidance Counselor/Adviser

c. Four (4) copies of 2 x 2 ID colored pictures

d. Birth Certificate (NSO) (photocopy)

e. Shall be under Academic probation

2.2 Foreign Students

a. Notice of Acceptance

b. Original scholastic record duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Establishments located at the country of their residence. ( Should have English Translation if necessary)

c. Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)

d. Immigration Certificate of residency (ICR) issued by the Commission on Immigration and Deportation (CID)

e. Others as required for Visa purposes

f. No objection certificate for transferring foreign student from school who accepted him for visa processing

g. Two copies of 2 x 2 colored ID picture

2.3 Old Students

a. Form 138 (Report Card)

b. Clearance

c. Certificate of Summer Attendance ( for students who took up summer classes)

3. High School Valedictorians, Salutatorians, and those who completed their secondary education at JCFC maybe exempted from taking the College Admission Test requirement.

4. High School graduates who seek admission to a degree program or to any technical course at JCFC shall submit all the following pre-admission requirements to the Registrar's Office:

4.1 For Incoming College Freshmen

4.2 For Transferees

4.3 For Transferees

4.4 For Cross – Enrollees

4.5 For Foreign Students